Lugano: Swiss Landscapes with an Italian Touch – II

A gorgeous Sunday morning along the lake.

It had been fun exploring Lugano on Saturday, and we looked forward to another great day in this Italian-speaking city in south Switzerland.

A Sunny Day on Monte Bre

We boarded a bus to the other end of town where the funicular to Monte Bre awaited us :).

Junior is completely smitten by the “funicular+mountain+park” combination now.  As we ascend, the vistas provide countless photo-ops.

Atop Monte Bre, various walking paths and picnic spots offer an irresistible opportunity to explore and relax amidst nature. The play area is in one of the most picturesque locations that I have seen.

A warm cappuccino in hand (yes, the mandatory visit to a cafe), the beautiful lake below, mountains in the distance… a perfect way to say goodbye to Lugano.

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