La Lecture (French books)

La Lecture, October 2012

Well, this was a good month to catch up on some reading. This October, I thoroughly enjoyed several afternoons curled up with “Le Temps des Secrets”, the third book in the series “Souvenirs d’Enfance” by Marcel Pagnol. For intense and thought-provoking reading, I picked “L’Étranger” by Albert Camus from the library at Alliance Française.

La Gloire de Mon Père by Marcel Pagnol

A delightful narrative about the events that unfold during a summer of the author’s childhood. With beautiful descriptions of the French countryside, hilarious narration of complicated situations that the family finds itself in and an excellent account of the complex emotions in a family, particularly between the father and son, this is a fun-filled book. I love Marcel Pagnol’s writing style in this book. Simple and yet, so wonderfully descriptive, it brings to the fore, lovely childhood memories.