Summer Fun in Austria

This summer, we packed our bags for a 10-day visit to neighboring Austria.

Our itinerary included the capital city of Vienna, the “musical” city of Salzburg, and the “oh-so-breathtaking” city of Innsbruck.

From our experience, Austria is a very tourist-friendly country. We were also impressed by the efficiency and comfort (not to mention the ‘good looks’ :D) of the OBB trains in Austria.

The “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake) ritual was icing on the cake :).

Vienna enchanted us with its architectural marvels. Junior’s favorite places were the zoo and Prater Park. From sprawling palace complexes to vibrant squares, music was always in the air.

Salzburg, the city synonymous with Mozart and ‘The Sound of Music’, was a delight for the family. The tranquil Salzach river, views of the Hohensalzburg fortress, the Trick Fountains at the Hellbrunn Palace and the huge gardens scored a large number of points with us.

Innsbruck, a city that has hosted two Winter Olympics, took our breath away. Completely. Long tram rides through rolling hills, an apartment with spectacular views in the hills outside the city, our “first” visit to a bell museum, and the “three-stage” ride up to the summit of Nordkettenbahn. Sigh! We would have loved to extend our stay here.

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