A Promenade in Luxembourg: Vallée de la Pétrusse

Our morning promenade of discoveryin Luxembourg had been remarkable, and we were eager to resume the journey. It was time for a stroll in the gorgeous Vallée de la Pétrusse. As we descended from the vantage viewpoints overlooking the valley, we passed Rue St. Ulric and then, Rue St. Quirin. The verdant valley gave us an entirely different perspective of the city. The walls of the ancient fortifications rose on either side.

A Promenade in Luxembourg: The Fortifications and Valley Views

On a bright sunny morning, we began a day-long promenade of discovery in the city referred to as the “Gibraltar of the North”, owing to its strategic fortifications (which are now a UNESCO World Heritage site). Armed with walking maps from the Tourist Office at Place Guillaume II, we were all set to explore the city of Luxembourg. In the midst of this city known for its high GDP per capita, lies an ancient quarter waiting to narrate its tale: of tumultuous history, of fierce battles, of foreign occupation, of patriotism, of dreamy castles and strong fortifications.

Spotting Elephants in Luxembourg: The Elephant Parade

On our trip to the landlocked country of Luxembourg, one of our favorite activities was elephant-spotting. Yes, elephants in Luxembourg City! 🙂 Let me offer an explanation. During our weekend in Luxembourg City, we saw beautiful statues of elephants at various locations in the city. The Elephant Parade, an open-air exhibition of statues of the pachyderm, was held in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2013. The objective of this fund-raising event is to increase public awareness of the need for conservation of Asian elephants.