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[Ajanta, Maharashtra, India] Awed by the Timeless Wonders of Ajanta – II

Saving the Best for Last:

We had explored many beautiful caves at Ajanta on the first day. But Caves 1, 2, 9, and 10 — some of the most popular ones — were on our list for the second day. Yes, we had saved the best for last. From the spectacular murals of Vajrapani and Padmapani in Cave 1 to the rock stupa and beautiful art in Cave 10, the treasures didn’t cease to amaze us.

[Ajanta, Maharashtra, India] Awed by the Timeless Wonders of Ajanta – I

Lost and Found:

At the vantage point atop a hill, a marvelous sight unfolded in front of our eyes. A beautiful horse-shoe-shaped gorge framed by a dusty brown background. A series of rock-cut caves embedded along the U-shaped curve in the hillside. It was here that John Smith, while on a hunting expedition in 1819, discovered the existence of the Ajanta Caves, a site that had disappeared into oblivion for a long time.

[Ellora, Maharashtra, India] Discovering the Exquisite Treasures of Ellora – II

Tucked away in the hills. The Buddhist caves, Ellora, Maharashtra, India A Much-awaited Trip The UNESCO world heritage site of Ellora is a weekend escape or long-weekend getaway from Pune. The splendid rock-cut caves had been on our wish list for quite some time. Along came the opportunity to pay a visit to this famous location. Of the 34 rock-cut caves at Ellora, 17 are Hindu caves (cave numbers 13 to 29), 12 are Buddhist caves (cave numbers 1-12), and 5 are Jain caves (cave numbers 30-34).

[Ellora, Maharashtra, India] Discovering the Exquisite Treasures of Ellora – I

A Dream For several years, B and I have talked about a visit to the Ajanta and Ellora caves someday. After our move to Pune, these architectural wonders were much closer to home. It didn’t take us long to plan a trip to the Ellora caves. Ellora caves, also known as Verul Leni, is a marvellous complex of rock-cut temples and monasteries. This UNESCO world heritage site is located approximately 30 kilometers from Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

In Pisa: A Date (or Two) with the Tower that Leans

The One that Leans. The Leaning Tower, Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa. River Arno. Pisa, Italy On a cool, grey evening in Pisa, we walked along a pleasant route beginning at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, past the shopping area along Corso Italia, crossing the calm waters of the River Arno, continuing along Borgo Stretto, briefly halting at Piazza dei Cavalieri, before reaching our destination. The Piazza dei Miracoli.