Lugano: Swiss landscapes with an Italian touch – I

Views from our hotel room… Lake Lugano. And the powerful jet of water from a fountain… I could sit here for hours… days… months… and stare… wonder… dream.

On a warm June weekend, we headed to Lugano, Switzerland. Lugano, the land of Swiss landscapes with an Italian touch, is approximately an hour’s train ride from Milan.

After an introductory tour of the city by the “tourist train”, we explored the city at a leisurely pace. Mostly on foot.

I loved our long stroll along the lakefront. Benches dotted the promenade, inviting one and all to just sit and gaze at the spectacular views of the lake.

Junior enjoyed the funicular ride to Monte San Salvatore. The little play area atop the mountain was a blessing. He found a few playmates and engaged in conversation with them, while B & I gazed at the panoramic vistas of Lake Lugano, the city and the mountains. Serenity. And the ‘oh-so-pleasing’ shades of blue and green.

The city was abuzz with various events of the Lugano Longlake festival. Summer is time for celebration! 🙂

We spent the evening ambling along the lake from Paradiso to the city park (Parco Civico Villa Ciani). Another ‘park with a view’ for the baby of the family. And, although our feet ached “a bit” at the end of the day, we decided to walk back (we could not resist the views!) to our hotel. This time, the moon went all out to woo us :). Oh my my!

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