Escape to Dubai – III

Having spent a lovely two days in Dubai(read Escape to Dubai – I and Escape to Dubai – II), we looked forward to the sights and sounds that the last day had in store for us. Day 3: At the glitzy Dubai Mall, our first stop was at the kiddie cart rental store. The youngest member of our family was overjoyed on seeing a bright yellow taxi, and it was his for the next few hours :).

Escape to Dubai – II

Our Dubai story continues from Escape to Dubai – I. Day 2: Friday is the day of prayer and rest, and hence, the metro timings vary on this day. With the train service beginning at 2pm, we took a cab to our destination – the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (housed in the Dubai mall). Tip: Do check Friday timings of your destination before you head out. Most malls and tourist attractions stay open, but times may be different from other days.

Escape to Dubai – I

With heavy monsoon showers lashing most parts of India at this time of the year, we decided to escape to ‘dryer’ land for a short vacation. Easy choice – Dubai :). Summer in Dubai with a toddler can be a lot of fun as we found out! 🙂 The place has something for everyone, for every season. A direct Kingfisher Airlines flight from Bangalore transported us to the emirate in about 4 hours.