museums in pune

[Pune, India] An afternoon at the Aga Khan Palace and the Tribal Cultural Museum

On a weekend afternoon, we headed to the north-east part of Pune for a flavor of history and culture.  Art, Craft, and More at the Tribal Cultural Museum: Maharashtra is home to tribes like the Gonds, the Varlis, and the Bhils. To get an insight into their culture and customs, we paid a visit to the Tribal Cultural Museum on Bund Garden Road in Pune. We were the first visitors that day and had (almost) the entire museum to ourselves.

[Pune, India] The Vintage and Classic Cars Museum: Style and Glitz on Wheels

Of Cars: At home, our conversations often revolve around cars. If we are not talking about a new model (Zica), we are wondering about older ones (Premier Padmini). Some days, we are discussing the history of Tata Motors and wondering why it used to be called TELCO. On other days, we debate incessantly over compact versus mid-size cars. Yesterday, I learned that a grey Eeco and a black Octavia are usually parked near the grocery store in our neighborhood.

[Pune, India] Joshi’s Miniature Railway Museum: It’s A Small World

We followed the signs to a small ticket counter. Before we could say “Timbuktu”, we had paid for the tickets and were hurrying along to a “show” that had just started. A miniature scene. With trains that chug along the tracks and a hot air balloon rising high. With a funicular and cable car that compete for attention. With tiny people enjoying a swim and others scaling a mountain. For approximately 20-25 minutes, a (full-size) person in the control room brings a miniature city alive.

[Pune, India] The Pimpri-Chinchwad Science Centre: Automobiles, Fun Science, and Dinos!

The Pimpri-Chinchwad area, home to several major automobile companies, now has a Science Centre. Explore the world of automobiles, enjoy learning science in the “Fun Science” section, and walk among dinosaurs in the open Dinosaur Park. We spent a Sunday afternoon at the centre and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  The Pimpri-Chinchwad Science Centre(or Pimpri-Chinchwad Science Park) is located near the Auto Cluster in Chinchwad. At the entrance, one can purchase general entry tickets to the science centre, as well as additional separate tickets for the 3D Science show and the Taramandal, an inflatable portable planetarium.