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[Ajanta, Maharashtra, India] Awed by the Timeless Wonders of Ajanta – I

Lost and Found:

At the vantage point atop a hill, a marvelous sight unfolded in front of our eyes. A beautiful horse-shoe-shaped gorge framed by a dusty brown background. A series of rock-cut caves embedded along the U-shaped curve in the hillside. It was here that John Smith, while on a hunting expedition in 1819, discovered the existence of the Ajanta Caves, a site that had disappeared into oblivion for a long time.

[Ellora, Maharashtra, India] Discovering the Exquisite Treasures of Ellora – II

Tucked away in the hills. The Buddhist caves, Ellora, Maharashtra, India A Much-awaited Trip The UNESCO world heritage site of Ellora is a weekend escape or long-weekend getaway from Pune. The splendid rock-cut caves had been on our wish list for quite some time. Along came the opportunity to pay a visit to this famous location. Of the 34 rock-cut caves at Ellora, 17 are Hindu caves (cave numbers 13 to 29), 12 are Buddhist caves (cave numbers 1-12), and 5 are Jain caves (cave numbers 30-34).

[Ellora, Maharashtra, India] Discovering the Exquisite Treasures of Ellora – I

A Dream For several years, B and I have talked about a visit to the Ajanta and Ellora caves someday. After our move to Pune, these architectural wonders were much closer to home. It didn’t take us long to plan a trip to the Ellora caves. Ellora caves, also known as Verul Leni, is a marvellous complex of rock-cut temples and monasteries. This UNESCO world heritage site is located approximately 30 kilometers from Aurangabad in Maharashtra.