Innsbruck Diaries: In love with Ausserkreith, Ferienhaus Panorama and the Stubaitalbahn (STB)

My most memorable vacation in Europe? Would very likely be our summer holiday in Austria. And one place that left an indelible impression? Would most certainly be Ausserkreith near Innsbruck.


We grabbed our bags and hopped off the OBB train at Innsbruck after a pleasant journey from Salzburg. Our hosts at Ferienhaus Panorama had advised us that the best way to reach the accommodation was to take the tram from outside the station.


STB, Stubaitalbahn:

As we waited for the tram to Kreith/Fulpmes, this beautiful vehicle appeared, and had us swooning over it instantly :). In a few minutes, we set off on a journey that we would make twice every day for the next 3 days. One that we would remember for a long time to come.

The Stubaitalbahn (STB) tram wound its way through the streets of Innsbruck and we were eager to form our first impressions of the city. Very soon, though, it seemed to be exiting the city, and gaining some altitude. Oh, we remembered, we were headed to the outskirts. Well, we seemed to be ascending a hill next. Picturesque houses overlooking rolling green meadows, a few horses enjoying a quiet evening meal, little tunnels in the hills, quaint villages with bell towers, picture-postcard scenes. Wait, where were we headed? Bright flowers in the balconies, sloping roofs, winding our way from one hill to another. Honestly, I thought it was a dream! Shaken suddenly by excited squealing from Junior, who was loving every moment of the tram ride, I wondered where the tram would take us.

Ausserkreith and Ferienhaus Panorama:

About 45 minutes and several halts later, we arrived at our destination, Ausserkreith. Wait, where were all the houses? And the shops? And the cars? And at least a ‘bit’ of noise? I counted two (or three, maybe) houses. No shops. No noise. Nothing had prepared me for the undisturbed calm and serenity.

We walked a few minutes from the tram halt and spotted ‘Ferienhaus Panorama’. I was pretty much speechless by then. WOW!!!

A friendly lady waved a big welcome, and ushered us to our room. Apartment. Heaven. Or was it? Balcony. With a view. Kitchen. With a view. Bedroom. With a view. I was ready to pinch myself to check if it was all for real.

Now I knew what living in a fairy tale meant. Literally.

For 3 days, this charming spacious apartment with spectacular views, a beautiful balcony, a gracious host and convenient access to Innsbruck city would be ours. 3 days? I wish it had been more!

In love:

We fell in love. With the pretty small village of Ausserkreith. With the cozy apartment and bright flowers at Ferienhaus Panorama. With the STB tram that transported us to and from Innsbruck every day, through the picturesque hills. With travel.


Useful information:

STB tram schedules are available on the Innsbruck transport website (on selecting the tram option in the search)


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