Time to Move

Floral clock, Lausanne, Switzerland

Floral clock, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dear Readers,

A warm welcome to FunderfulWorld.com!

Thank you very much for subscribing to the FunderfulWorld blog and for continuing to read and comment on my posts. My husband, B, has been successful in convincing me that it is time to move the blog to a new home and continue the journey from there. With his assistance, http://funderfulworld.wordpress.com/ is now completely migrating to https://funderfulworld.com/.

B has been instrumental in the design of the new home, and we think that it is now ready to launch! 🙂.

I have attempted to migrate all existing followers to the new website but I am not sure if the migration has been perfect.

Therefore, I would like to request you to verify if you are subscribed to https://funderfulworld.com/, and if not, please subscribe via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or RSS feed to the new website to continue receiving new posts.

I am very excited about FunderfulWorld’s new home! I hope to quickly overcome any initial hiccups and continue smoothly on the blogging journey.


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