Discovering New York City: The New York Transit Museum

A trip to New York City was one of the highlights of our summer vacation last year. My earlier visit to the Big Apple had been a whirlwind tour of the main attractions in the city. Our recent visit was a more relaxed one, and we enjoyed exploring this vibrant city at a leisurely pace.


The New York Transit Museum was one of our first destinations during the trip. On a bright summer morning, we headed to Brooklyn to learn about the history of New York’s transportation. The museum, situated near Boerum Place, is at the actual site of a decommissioned subway station, Court Street.

Spread over two floors, the museum showcasing the subway, bus, railroad, and trolley systems is a delight to explore. On the mezzanine floor, we looked at numerous exhibits describing the origins of the transport system in NYC and displays related to the functioning of the various modes of transport. Junior was thrilled to participate in hands-on interactive experiences at a fueling station, at the wheels of a bus, and at models of electricity and power systems for transport.


The lower floor was an absolute winner! Real subway cars lined the two tracks at the (former) station, beckoning us to walk inside and marvel at them. The beautifully restored vintage interiors and ads from a time gone by transported us to an era of the past. From the amusing ads for Burma-Shave to the more serious ones encouraging women to vote, the subway cars provided considerable fuel for animated conversations.



If you are a transportation buff, or (and) if you are seeking a kid-friendly museum in NYC, or (and) if you are looking for something to do in Brooklyn, consider spending a couple of hours at the New York Transit Museum.


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