Discovering New York City: A Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

We exited the subway at Clark Street station, and enjoyed a morning stroll in the neighborhood. The streets in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District have interesting names such as Love Lane! Our first destination for the day: Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.


A long and enjoyable walk took us to the playgrounds at Pier 6. Junior was spoilt for choice – Slide Mountain, Swing Valley, Waterlab, … After spending a great deal of time in these play areas, we explored the Marsh Garden in the vicinity.

Later that afternoon, we found a lovely spot by the water at Pier 6, spread out our picnic lunch, and enjoyed our meal while admiring fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline across the water.


Having had more than our fill of watching ferries go by, we set off to cross the Brooklyn bridge on foot. We walked past several tree-lined paths and reached the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Path.

As we crossed the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan, cars zipped along below us, residents hurried along, and tourists (like us!) stopped every so often to admire the views of Manhattan, the distant Statue of Liberty, and the arches and cables of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The elevated path has separate marked lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. It is quite popular among tourists, and understandably so.

Take a pleasant evening stroll across the water on the Brooklyn Bridge, pausing to read about its history and to identify the skyscrapers in Manhattan. And for a fitting end, treat yourself to a bubble tea in Chinatown, as we did! 🙂


Useful Information:

How to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot


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