[Prague, Czech Republic] In Prague: An Evening Along the Vltava

After a busy day exploring the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter in Prague, we spent the evening by the riverside.


An Evening by the River:

Our stroll along the banks of the Vltava had something for everyone. Junior was engaged in tram-spotting; “cute” red trams passed by every now and then, leaving him squealing with excitement. B was drawn to the architecture of the various buildings in the area; he clicked pictures of quirky buildings like the Dancing House. My gaze was fixed on the ferries creating little waves in the blue waters; the pretty scenes were straight out of a postcard.


The Charles Bridge was packed with tourists jostling for space and posing for pictures; we made a quick trip across and hurried back, eager to escape the crowds.


Back on the banks, we looked across the river with dreamy eyes. As the sun began its descent, the Prague castle was lit up and looked lovelier than ever.  And there we stood, appreciating the picture-perfect views in a beautiful city. Prague had cast a spell on us, and the effect was very magical, indeed.

Evening in Prague? Head to the riverside!

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