Le Château de Ma Mère by Marcel Pagnol

More than a year after reading the first book in the series “Souvenirs d’Enfance” by Marcel Pagnol, I finally managed to borrow the second book “Le Château de Ma Mère” from the library last week. I needed to unwind, relax and just be happy, and this book helped me accomplish that.

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The author’s childhood memories – the challenges of growing up, the unreasonable demands of school, the complexity of a “simple” friendship, the joy of family vacations, the marvelous adventures with friends, meeting new people, forging new relationships, trust, honesty, loyalty – packed in one marvelous memoir. This volume, as the name suggests, highlights the mother’s emotions and thoughts, as perceived by her son. Marcel Pagnol paints a magnificent picture of the Provence countryside, its flora and fauna.

A beautiful sequel to the previous volume, “La Gloire de Mon Père“, I would recommend this book to every student of French.

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