Trieste: Exploring the City

Admire Trieste and its breathtaking surroundings from above by following the scenic trail along the Strada Vicentina (Strada Napoleonica). And then, walk some more to explore this city along the Adriatic Sea. Go ahead, it’s the best way to discover Trieste!   Rooftops. Trieste, Italy An Evening Walk in Trieste: Our evening stroll through the city took us to Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Sant’Antonio, and the beautiful Serbian Orthodox church of San Spiridione.

Scenic Walking Trails: The Strada Vicentina (Strada Napoleonica) at Trieste

As far as I can see. Strada Vicentina (Strada Napoleonica), Trieste, Italy Welcome to Trieste, the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, an autonomous region in Italy. This vibrant city in the north-east part of the country exhibits a mix of Italian, Slovenian, German, and other cultures. It is the home of Illy coffee – reason enough to indulge in a cuppa Joe! FrecciaBianca trains offer direct connections between Milan and Trieste, via Venice.

A Holiday in Hamburg: Stroll, Wander, Discover

The highlights of our trip to Hamburg were Landungsbrücken, Hagenbeck Tierpark, and Miniatur Wunderland. During our stay, we also explored several parts of the city on foot. It was an amazing journey of discovery! Here are some of our favorite picks from this journey: HafenCity: At HafenCity, a new developing neighborhood, we climbed the observation tower for a lovely view, walked by the cruise center, observed the Unilever building and Marco Polo tower, wandered aimlessly around Magellan-Terrassen, cooled our heels at Vasco da Gama Platz, walked across Shanghai bridge and admired the canals from here, strolled along Am Kaiserkai Boulevard, and enjoyed a coffee at Osaka Allee.

A Holiday in Hamburg: Family Fun!

  If the curtain-raiser inspired you to visit Hamburg, here are more reasons to book your tickets!   Hagenbeck Tierpark, Hamburg, Germany A Wild Day Out at Tierpark Hagenbeck (Hagenbeck Zoo): The Tierpark Hagenbeck or Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg has been owned by the Hagenbeck family for six generations. It was rebuilt after being destroyed during World War II.This vast zoo is characterized by its “open” design; the animals are housed in open enclosures with moats.

A Holiday in Hamburg: Port on the Elbe

The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg was a sudden and unexpected entrant on our list of travel destinations this year. And what a fantastic trip it turned out to be! The Hamburg skyline from Steinwerder. Hamburg, Germany In spring this year, we got lucky with flight ticket deals and seized the opportunity to spend a few days in Hamburg. This large German port city on the River Elbe revealed a world of cargo ships and cruise ferries, old warehouses and modern districts, picturesque lakes and verdant parks.

Stresa: Villas, Islands, and a Beautiful Lakeside Promenade

      Lake Maggiore. Stresa, Italy Stresa, on the shores of the large Lake Maggiore, is a quick, easy, and beautiful weekend getaway from Milan. With a train journey of about an hour, Stresa could even be the destination of a day trip from the fashion capital. We conversed with garden lizards and Amherst pheasants at the beautiful Isola Madre, strolled along Stresa’s lovely lakeside promenade, sighed over the views from the public park, and petted farm animals in the gardens at the Villa Pallavicino.

Bergamo Beyond the Airport: Città Alta

The city of Bergamo, located at the foothills of the Alps, finds its place on many itineraries owing to its airport. Given the chance (and the time), it is a beautiful “two-tiered” city to visit. Frequent trains connect Bergamo and Milan, making it a fantastic destination for a day trip from the fashion capital.   Over the rooftops and towers. Bergamo, Italy. On a sunny spring morning, about a year ago, we spent a day exploring the beautiful Città Alta of Bergamo.

Rome: A Morning at Gianicolo (Janiculum) Hill

Take a walk! Passeggiata del Gianicolo, Gianicolo Hill, Rome, Italy For a slice of tranquility and a different perspective of Rome, we spent a morning at the Gianicolo (Janiculum) Hill, had lunch in the charming Trastevere neighborhood, and strolled along the Ponte Sisto.   We boarded a bus that halted near the Piazzale del Faro. The Faro al Gianicolo (Lighthouse) in this piazza was a gift from Argentina to Italy.

Salzburg Stories: Mozart, the Sound of Music, and More

Having grown up on a staple diet of Do-Re-Mi and My Favorite Things, I was thrilled to visit Salzburg in Austria. Salzburg, Austria The imposing Hohensalzburg fortress rises above the city and the River Salzach winds its way through the birthplace of Mozart. Salzburg is closely associated with the popular movie, “The Sound of Music”. From the “Do Re Mi” song location to the convent where Maria lived, several scenes from the classic were filmed here.

A Trip to Padua

Prato della Valle. Padua, Italy Padua, a city in close proximity to the Queen of the Adriatic, Venice, appears to live in the shadow of its more “popular” neighbor. During our weekend escape to Padua, we discovered a charming city that boasts of a renowned university (dating back to 1222) whose alumni and professors list includes Galileo Galilei, Copernicus and William Harvey. The world’s first university botanical garden finds its home here, and features in the UNESCO heritage list.