A Holiday in Hamburg: Stroll, Wander, Discover

The highlights of our trip to Hamburg were Landungsbrücken, Hagenbeck Tierpark, and Miniatur Wunderland.

During our stay, we also explored several parts of the city on foot. It was an amazing journey of discovery!

Here are some of our favorite picks from this journey:


At HafenCity, a new developing neighborhood, we climbed the observation tower for a lovely view, walked by the cruise center, observed the Unilever building and Marco Polo tower, wandered aimlessly around Magellan-Terrassen, cooled our heels at Vasco da Gama Platz, walked across Shanghai bridge and admired the canals from here, strolled along Am Kaiserkai Boulevard, and enjoyed a coffee at Osaka Allee. Spend a morning, afternoon, evening, or even an entire day here!

Speicherstadt (Warehouse district):

The red brick buildings and the numerous canals give a special touch to Speicherstadt, the tranquil warehouse district. Enjoy a peaceful promenade in this area.

Inner Alster and Outer Alster lakes (Binnenalster and Außenalster):

We loved the picturesque Inner and Outer Alster lakes and were fortunate to have ducks and their chicks for company. Take a boat tour, walk along the lake, or just take a nap on the grass! 🙂


In the city center, the town hall or Rathaus is a grand building. You could begin or end your tour of the city here.

Bismarck Monument:

We walked from Landungsbrücken to view this massive statue of Otto von Bismarck. I thought it was quite impressive!


If you get a chance to visit Hamburg, stroll, wander, discover, and enjoy your trip!


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