[Pune, India] Good Morning, Pune: The Pune Heritage Walk

Back in Pune after more than a decade, I have started re-exploring my “home” town.

Often, the sight of familiar neighborhoods kindles trips down memory lane in the city that I called home for more than twenty years.

At other times, I view Pune from the perspective of a visitor. New sights and experiences in the city. Familiar sights and experiences viewed with a new lens.

And so, one weekend, I decided to join the Pune Heritage Walk to discover Pune with a guided walking tour of the city.

It was the first time that I strolled in the heart of the city early on a weekend morning. And it turned out to be a fascinating journey into the past and present of the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Our well-informed guide was happy to discuss details of the structures, narrate the history of various buildings, and describe the architecture of old residences.

From history lessons at Shaniwar Wada and Lal Mahal to architecture discussions at Nana Wada and Vishrambaug Wada, not to forget some meditative moments at Kasba Ganpati temple and Tulshi Baug Ram temple – a morning well spent!

Here are a few snapshots of Pune taken during my walk.

If you have the time, consider discovering (or “re”-discovering) Pune through the Heritage Walk.


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