[Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, India] The Irresistible Allure of a Small Town in the Hills

Where you can forget about “to-do” and “to-see” lists.

Where you can leave watches and phones behind.

Where you can (temporarily, at least) disregard worry and hurry.


Where you can set out to stroll with no specific destination in mind.

Where you can pause on a narrow village trail to gaze at the beautiful valley below.

Where you can rest your feet at a small tea stall and engage in a lively conversation with a local resident.


Tucked away in the hills in a picturesque corner of Kumaon, Uttarakhand, is the small town of Mukteshwar.


From Ranikhet, we hired a taxi to take us past several quaint villages and pretty orchards in the hills to reach our destination, Mukteshwar. Our home for the next couple of days was KMVN’s TRH Mukteshwar, situated at a height of approximately 2200 m above sea level.

And here’s how we spent our time in Mukteshwar:

We walked to the PWD house nearby and admired the splendid vista from the viewpoint there. Although we couldn’t catch a glimpse of the Himalayas, we weren’t complaining.

We strolled along the main road from the PWD house to the IVRI (Indian Veterinary Research Institute) entrance. Spotted some monkeys swinging in the trees.

We sat on a bench at a small tea stall and chatted with a local resident about life in the quiet hillside town. Over cups of piping hot tea.

We went on a short “forest walk” from TRH to Chauli ki Jaali. Forest trails are the best!

We wandered along a hillside trail that led to a small church. And sighted several birds as we ventured along this path.

We climbed several steps to visit Mukteshwar Dham, the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

We sauntered down the street and gushed over the vibrant flowers in the gardens of cute cottages.


Looking for a tranquil holiday in the hills? Visit Mukteshwar. And choose your trail.

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