Men, Machines, Movies, Maranello: At the Ferrari Museum

It is no secret that the little boy at home is obsessed with cars. And that his face lights up at the mere mention of a Ferrari. I will not even begin to describe his reaction when he sees one :).

And hence, a surprise visit was planned to the Ferrari Museum (Museo Ferrari) at Maranello, near Modena. By the other Ferrari fan in our family :). As for me – their enthusiasm rubbed off on me :).

A couple of hours from Milan to Modena by train.

Then, at Modena, we opted for the shuttle bus service between the Modena railway station and the museum in Maranello. It was the most convenient transport option for us.

And what a GRAND surprise it turned out to be. For the next few hours, our little man sported the biggest and longest grin I’ve ever seen on his face :).

And you know what – I loved the place, as well! Especially the Victory Hall with its impressive layout and gorgeous exhibits. And the cars in the “Ferraris in the Movies” section.

Later, we had a fun time watching movie clips in the Cinema (the scene with Al Pacino driving a Ferrari in Scent of a Woman is my personal favorite; Junior was thrilled to watch the Ferrari scene from the movie, Cars).

Inside the museum, Junior admired every car and nd its wheels and the “prancing horse”. Unfortunately (and for good reason, I suppose), visitors are not allowed to “touch” the cars. But hey, we had a jolly good time, anyway.

The cars that have been driven across various countries and continents also form part of the exhibits. The one that had traveled all over India captured our attention the most :D.

After all the excitement, we chose to unwind at the museum cafe, the Caffetteria del Cavallino. A welcome break before heading back to Modena by the shuttle. We had spent a delightful few hours at the museum.

The town of Modena seems to breathe “Ferrari”. We spotted several merchandise and memorabilia shops, restaurants, and cafes that shout the name out loud :).

An F1 simulator, test drives, and a bus tour of the Ferrari factory are also available. Please see the museum’s official website for information and prices.

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