[Lyon, France] Outdoors in Lyon: The Riverside and a Huge Park

Our itinerary in Lyon included a great deal of time outdoors and we made the most of the splendid weather and bright sunshine.

The sprawling Parc de la Tête d’Or and the pretty riverside promenade were some of our favorite outdoor spaces in Lyon.


Riverside Promenade, Lyon:

The rivers Rhône and Saône wind their way through the gastronomic capital of France. Along the eastern bank of the Rhône, a long promenade offers visitors and locals a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

We began our stroll near Pont Lafayette, one of the numerous bridges that span the river Rhône. Everyone was outdoors to enjoy the brilliant sunshine. Some folks walked, some cycled, and others snoozed in the shade. We passed families enjoying a picnic and young parents pushing strollers. Many swans preferred to bask in the sun rather than to cool off in the water. We made pit stops at the kids’ play areas where Junior had a gala time.

Several boats have been converted into restaurants and bars along the river. They seem to be perfect for a break after a long day.

Our walk along the promenade ended near Pont Winston Churchill (near the Parc de la Tête d’Or). It had been a perfect end to a beautiful day.


Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon:

This huge park, approximately 105 hectares in size, is a vast green space in Lyon. We visited the Parc de la Tête d’Or several times during our week-long stay in the city. And each time, we discovered a new aspect.

The Lake:

We spent an evening by the lakeside, watching the geese, and Junior made persistent attempts to converse with them :). The lush grass on the bank was the perfect seat at the end of a long day exploring the city.

The Zoo:

On a sunny morning, we visited the small zoo in the park. The African plain with giraffes and zebras was picturesque, and the sight of flamingos was a treat to the eyes. The crocodiles lazed around while the primates were very active. Needless to say, Junior was excited, and we had a very good time, as well.

The Tourist Train (Le Lézard du Parc):

A little train, Le Lézard du Parc, takes visitors on a tour of the park, and of course, we could not resist the ride. We hopped on to the train near the main entrance, and enjoyed the 20-minute tour with a commentary about the various sections of the park. It was a convenient way to get an introductory tour of the place and, of course, to keep the kids (who were out in large numbers) entertained :).

For more information (time, tariff, etc.) about the train, please visit http://www.loisirs-parcdelatetedor.com/activites-et-loisirs/le-lezard-du-parc

Exploring the park on Four Wheels and Two Feet:

We explored the park on foot and by the _Balad’Or, _a 4-wheeled cycle.

Seated comfortably in the Balad’Or, we wandered along the beautiful paths in this vast green lung. Junior was excited to ride in the front seat. I was happy to let B focus on the pedaling effort, while I admired the surroundings :). Later, we followed various paths on foot and set off to discover hidden corners.

You can lose yourself in the vast variety of trees, the rose garden, the botanical garden, the orangery, and as a bonus, you can spot farm animals!

On one of the many routes, we found ourselves at the Mahatma Gandhi Island (Ile Mahatma Gandhi), an island of tranquility. What a pleasant surprise!


Useful Information:

For more information about the Parc de la Tête d’Or and the various activities in the park, please visit

http://www.loisirs-parcdelatetedor.com/ (French)

http://www.loisirs-parcdelatetedor.com/en/ (English)


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