A Sunny Day in Lecco

An approximately one-hour train ride from Milano’s Porta Garibaldi took us to the charming lakeside town of Lecco.

This picturesque Alpine town, on the banks of the beautiful Lake Como, is the birthplace of the Italian writer, Alessandro Manzoni.

It was a sunny Sunday morning.

A short walk from the Lecco station brought us to Piazza XX settembre. An outdoor art exhibition attracted many onlookers.

From here, we headed towards Piazza Cermenati, which was buzzing with activity. A benefit event was being hosted here.

A couple of flights of stairs lead to the church of San Nicola, the patron saint of sailors and of Lecco.

The charming lakeside promenade beckoned. Several stalls with lovely handmade artifacts dotted the lakefront.

We spotted a few steps that led down from the promenade to the lake shore. And, we settled down there, on the pebbled shores of Lake Como, basking in the sun.

A few other families were already enjoying the morning by the lake. Ducks and swans swam by peacefully.  A couple of dogs took a dip in the water. Someone had brought a picnic lunch.

Most kids (including ours) played with the pebbles on the shore.

Sailboats and motor boats moved along in the tranquil waters.

The majestic snow-covered Alps framed the background.

And, the patron saint, San Nicola, watched over the entire scene (there is a statue of San Nicola in the lake, near the shore).

A blissful morning (and afternoon! :)).

We may consider a boat ride during our next visit!

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