Trains, trains, and trains

My son loves trains. No, he is passionate about trains. Well, he eats, breathes, and sleeps TRAINS. That last sentence sums it up well, I think :).

The clothes clips are not on the clothesline. They form a long regional Trenitalia/Trenord train on the floor of the playroom.

The milk and juice cartons are not on the designated shelves. They constitute the coaches of a high-speed Italo train on the dining table.

And where have all the spoons disappeared? Mamma, didn’t you notice the TGV in the living room?

So, we live in a house of “trains”. Look around – each room, each corner has one!

Every day, we spend at least half an hour at the train station, watching the world go by. The world of trains.

Some are slow. Some are fast.

Some are old. Some are new.

Some are short. Some are long.

Some are white and green. Some are maroon.

Some are quiet. Some are noisy.

Some are empty. Some are full.

What do they have in common? They bring a big SMILE to the face of a little boy. They make his day. And mine.

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