Coming Home to Pune

Pune. A city I called home for over 20 years.

From tiny steps at a preschool to the adventures in high school.

From feeling completely lost on the first day of junior college to graduating with confidence from an engineering college.

From weekly family outings to the Peshwe Udyan Zoo to weekend trips with friends to Esselworld.

From riding a tricycle on the terrace to zooming on a Bajaj scooter in the streets.

Growing up.

And then, it was time to leave the city. Life moved on bringing with it joy, disappointments, new beginnings, tough decisions, exciting opportunities, struggles, ups and downs.


More than a decade later, destiny has brought me back to Pune, my home for a second time. We moved here a couple of months ago, and it has been exciting to introduce B and Junior to one of my favorite cities in the world.

Countless memories flood my mind. Of restaurants, parks, movie theaters, friends, family, neighbors. So many stories to tell. So many experiences to recollect and share.

Some parts of the city have changed. Some remain exactly as they were many years ago.

New suburbs, new cafes. Old neighborhoods, favorite haunts.

I see familiar faces often. From my childhood. From my teenage years.

It is time to rekindle and relive happy moments from the past. It is time to create beautiful new memories.

I look forward to this journey of discovering and rediscovering Pune. And I hope to share my experiences here.

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