Travel: Then and Now

Travelling has always been and continues to be a great learning experience for our little family. Some aspects, though, have changed in recent times. Then: Wild (as in wildlife :)) and remote destinations were among our top choices. Now: The ‘not-so-wild’ and ‘definitely-not’ remote destinations dominate our list.   Then: Key features of the destination included hiking trails and adventure activities, such as kayaking and trekking. Now: Primary attractions are zoos, aquaria, parks and sometimes, even malls (I wouldn’t have imagined this a few years ago :))!

A long walk

I love long walks, I have always enjoyed them. And I often find myself humming, ‘It’s a beautiful morning….’ [], one of my favorite ‘walk-time’ songs. For the past few months, a typical 10-minute morning stroll in my neighbourhood extends to a 45-minute one. You wonder why? Besides beautiful weather, I have wonderful company – an extremely curious, innocent, talkative toddler. We take the staircase and count every step as we descend 3 storeys, giggling at every landing.

Coffee for the Conversational Soul

“Let’s catch up over coffee!” said my long-lost childhood buddy. “Great idea!”, I instantly responded. Coffee and conversation – I wonder when I got addicted to this marvellous combination :).. It must have been during college days. An inseparable group of four friends, we used to have long chats over “Filter coffee” at a then-popular restaurant, Surabhi, in the charming city of Pune. There was always something to talk about at the end of a long day at college.

Missed you

I lay on the hospital bed, staring into space, wide awake at midnight. Inspite of the painkiller and sedative, sleep eluded me. I was exhausted, longing to get some shuteye. Why was it so tough to fall asleep? I missed a tiny being, who was at home at this moment. Not very far away BUT it was the first time in 17 months that a little angel did not cuddle up to me at night.