Postcards and Stories from Milan: Piazzas in the City – I

I often set off on long walks in Milan. And on every such promenade, I look forward to a short break in a beautiful piazza. From the grand Piazza del Duomo to the pleasant Piazza del Carmine, each square has a story, a vibrance, and a charm of its own. Some are crowded with excited tourists and buzzing with activity, others are quiet and offer a tranquil getaway from the former.

In Pisa: A Date (or Two) with the Tower that Leans

The One that Leans. The Leaning Tower, Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa. River Arno. Pisa, Italy On a cool, grey evening in Pisa, we walked along a pleasant route beginning at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, past the shopping area along Corso Italia, crossing the calm waters of the River Arno, continuing along Borgo Stretto, briefly halting at Piazza dei Cavalieri, before reaching our destination. The Piazza dei Miracoli.

In “PIZZA” City, Napoli

In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Sometimes grey, sometimes bright. Naples (Napoli), Italy The city of “authentic” pizza margherita, Napoli (or Naples), has a remarkable identity of its own. Great food (read PIZZA :)), spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples and the majestic Mount Vesuvius, a beautiful historic center, and the delightful nativity scenes and figurines in a vibrant street made our visit very memorable. Hunger pangs:

A “Wall” of a Time at Lucca

Lucca, Italy During conversations with friends in Italy (over a cup of cappuccino, of course :)), a popular topic of discussion is the charming cities of this country. And one town that many folks have fallen in love with, is Lucca. Reason enough to plan a getaway to the Tuscan town. In the regional train from Florence to Lucca, we rarely took our eyes off the windows during our journey though the picturesque Tuscan countryside.

In the Medieval City of Siena: “The” Piazza and a Fortezza

Keep gazing. View of Siena from the Fortezza Medicea, Siena Spotting the contrade while walking in the streets of the historic center of Siena was a fun way to explore the Tuscan city. But, of course, we had “bigger” sights to discover. And as always, there was something in it for each of us.   “The” Piazza del Campo The Piazza del Campo was a stone’s throw (ok, maybe just a little bit more) away from our hotel, the B&B Piazza Duomo.

In the Medieval City of Siena: Spotting the Contrade and More

Eagle. Siena, Italy. A weekend in the medieval Tuscan city of Siena. A city well-known for the Palio horse race in the Piazza del Campo, brought to the big screen by the Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. We walked the narrow streets of the well-preserved historic center (another UNESCO World Heritage Site! :)), in search of signs of the 17 _contrade_ (neighborhoods or wards) of Siena that fiercely contest the Palio.

Postcards and Stories from Milan: Monumento ai Caduti

The war memorial, the Monumento ai Caduti, also known as Tempio della Vittoria, is situated a short walk away from the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. This beautiful monument was closed to the public when I visited. I managed to take some pictures from outside. In memory and honor of the brave souls. Monumento ai Caduti (Tempio della Vittoria), Milan. War memorial. Monumento ai Caduti (Tempio della Vittoria), Milan. War memorial.

Postcards and Stories from Milan

I’ve always loved walking around a city or town to explore it. Sometimes with a destination in mind, sometimes without. Sometimes in a happy mood, sometimes in a sad one. Sometimes brimming with energy, sometimes a bit tired. Sometimes in sunny weather, sometimes in the rain. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for hours. And every little journey brings with it a little souvenir – of people, of places, of conversations, of discovery.